Taekwon-Do Lil Dragons (Ages 4 - 6)

The instructors and staff at Impact Martial Arts strive to instill personal discipline, confidence, focus, total fitness and self-defense abilities
in our kids.

Our training system has been designed to help kids stay motivated and feel good about their progress.

Our Instructors have a strong impact with the kids, therefore, each instructor must have specific training in the skills of goal setting and motivation. Each instructor at Impact Martial Arts is fully trained and certified to work with children of all ages.

Regular classes are taught with a presence of respect yet sincere guidance, using positive reinforcement only. We want each student to have fun but not "goof off" fun. Classes are always upbeat and exciting.

Each of our students know we expect a 100% effort from them, but also that we realize everyone has a rough day now and then. We want our students to leave feeling they have worked hard and accomplished something. We strive to make the time our students spend with us the best, most exciting part of their day.

Students are taught and come to understand that the byproducts of martial arts training--discipline, respect, humility, and focus--should be applied to every other area of their lives, at school and at home.

It's not just kicking and punching, but the discipline that truly makes great martial artists.

Our Lil Dragons classes are scheduled Monday through Thursday from 4:45 to 5:15 pm.  You may pick any two days each week to attend class.

You may sign up by clicking the button below. Your child will receive a t-shirt when they attend their first trial class.

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Martial Arts For Kids - Ages 7 and up

It's here that we begin to teach and encourage our kids to "think like a Black Belt".  In the beginners course, our students learn the life skills of discipline, respect and focus and how to apply them in every area of their lives... just like a Black Belt.

We strive to make our students feel that the time they spend with us at Westchase Impact Martial Arts is the best and most exciting part of their day. Classes are upbeat, exciting and taught in an atmosphere of respect and sincere dedication to teaching the student. When class is over we want our students to feel they have worked hard and accomplished something meaningful.

Our classes teach discipline and respect but we also understand that not all children are alike. Children have different levels of fitness, focus and self-control. We recognize that teaching some children will require "kid gloves". We understand each child is unique and will progress at their own pace, and we provide students the necessary training needed to enable them to meet our standards for classroom behavior.

Below is the schedule for our Kids Classes.  You may choose any two days each week you would like to attend.

Monday through Thursday -  5:15 pm to 6 pm
Monday through Thursday - 6 pm to 6:45

Sign up by clicking the button below and when you come for your first trial class your child will receive a t-shirt.

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Family Martial Arts Class In Tampa

At Impact Martial Arts, our goal is to create a family-friendly atmosphere. We offer a family Taekwon-do program where the whole family can train in Martial Arts and have fun together, while building life changing characteristics and leadership skills.

While learning self-defense techniques, families will also learn how to stand proud together and improve self-confidence while training as a family.

Many people fear trying the unknown, especially when it has the mystique of martial arts training. The Instructors and Staff at Impact Martial Arts strive to instill confidence and help you to feel comfortable as you take your first steps into the world of Martial Arts.

Our Family Class at Impact Martial Arts is one of our most popular classes!  Make a positive IMPACT on your family today! 

Below is the schedule for our Family Classes.  You may choose any two days each week you would like to attend.

Monday through Thursday -  5:15 pm to 6 pm
Monday through Thursday - 6 pm to 6:45

Sign up by clicking the button below and when you come for your first class you will receive your uniform(s).

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