QHow long will it take to get my black belt?
AOur black belt takes about 36 months to achieve, depending on the individual student's progress.
QDo I have to fight?
ANot at the Basic Course level. However, one-on-one sparring drills are an important and crucial component of your Leadership Course requirements, and your martial arts training as a whole. Therefore light sparring is required for Black Belt training.
QDo I have to be in shape to do TaeKwonDo?
ANot at all! If you're a martial arts student, you'll begin at the Basic Course level, where we teach the fundamentals of Taekwondo. After a few weeks of training, you'll notice improvement in your muscle tone and cardiovascular system. If you're invited to join the Leadership Course, your physical and mental stamina and endurance will increase dramatically. Our Krav Maga classes are high-energy, but you're free to move at your own pace. Don't worry about keeping up with the rest of the class; martial arts of every sort is an individual and personal experience, not a competition!
QWhat ages do you teach?

At Westchase Impact Martial Arts we teach students of all ages. Our Lil Dragons program is for kids ages 4 to 6, while our regular kids classes range in age from 7 to 12. We also have classes for Teens & Adults and our most popular class is our Family Class where kids and their parents can train together.

QDo you teach weapons?
AYes, at the Leadership Course level. Here you will learn the history and how to correctly use the samurai sword, nunchuks, escrima sticks and more.
QWhat are the different belt levels?

Your first official belt will be white. Then comes yellow, green, blue, red, and finally, black.

There are also varying degrees of black belt, such as first degree, second degree, and so on.

QAm I too old to begin training?

NO! Please consider the following statistics from the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association, International Health, Racquet and Sportclub Association and Martial Arts Industry Association:

6 million Americans regularly practice martial arts in about 13,000 martial arts schools. Of the 6 million students training, the following is the age breakdown:

6 million participants between ages 6 and 11
1 million participants between ages 12 and 17
3 million participants between ages 18 and 54
And 100,000 seniors, age 55 and above, take part in martial arts training!
QAm I going to get hurt?
ANot if we can help it! Basic Course members do not engage in combat or sparring whatsoever. While one-on-one sparring is part of the Leadership Course training, all students wear the highest quality protective gear to ensure that no serious injuries result. And our state-of-the-art facility includes an impact-absorbing mat that supports and cushions our students' muscles, tendons and bones.








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