Cold War Tournament Schedule For 2018

Cold War are Family Taekwondo Tournaments for all ages!. All competitors will earn a beautiful trophy!

Tournament Date
Cold War October 13, 2018


9:30 AM - Lil Dragons

10:30AM - White - Yellow Belts

11:30 AM - Green - Blue Belts

12:30 PM - Red and Above Belts 




   Lil Dragons:

  1. Drill Work - Following the directions for technique execution.

  2. Controlled Free Sparring - sparring without making the contact

  3. Flag Wars 

   Everyone Else

  1. Patterns

  2. Free Sparring - Green belts and above /  White and Yellow Belts - Drill Work

  3. Flag Wars



Who will I compete against?
The competition is broken down into the experience level (belt) and age. 

I am very new, signed up for classes recently, should I compete?
Yes, we'll pair you up with students your experience level.  You'll get experience, perhaps learn few things and will have a great time.  This is a small, family oriented tournament where you will get your feet wet into the tournament arena.

Do I have to compete in all three events?
No, but we highly recommend, just for experience.  But you can compete in one, two or all three events - it's your choice.

Will I have to spar?
Only if you are Jr. Green Belt or above and choose to compete in this category.  The sparring competition is light contact, just like we spar in class with the same rules.  White and Yellow Belts compete in drill work which we cover in class.

How early should I come to the tournament?
15-20 min before competition.  Come in so you can get comfortable and get warmed up.

How long tournament lasts?
Plan for one hour.



  • $40 per person
  • Spectators FREE


Martial Arts Advantage South
3311 S. Dale Mabry
Tampa, FL 33629

Phone: 813-832-8800

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